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Thank you for choosing Vitality Financial Insurance Brokers (VFIB), in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada providing honest and accurate financial advice with your family’s best interest at heart. We have families, live in the real world and have experienced and understand the challenges your family faces. Vitality Financial Insurance Brokers is a privately owned and locally-run insurance and investment brokerage based in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, offering Life Insurance, Travel Insurance, Critical Illness and Disability Insurance, as well as a wide of financial services and investment products. VFIB was created to address the most common financial needs of Canadian Families: Personal Debt Elimination, Wealth Management and Estate Planning.

VFIB Hub Financial Offices – Woodstock, ON

For most families, their solution starts with Personal Debt Elimination, freeing up finances to accomplish other financial goals. The Vanier Report states that “86% of Canadians see themselves as making no progress or falling behind the cost of living”.  Average Canadians are now carrying personal debts loads that outweigh their ability to service this debt. The same report shows that the average person’s monthly debt repayment is equal to 148% of their monthly income. Vitality Financial Insurance Brokers understands and our associates have the knowledge to help you get back on track to your financial goals. Our associates share simple, yet effective concepts that can reshape your family’s financial future.

Our team of licensed associates can help you achieve your family’s financial dreams by providing information and access to:

 …and much more! 


If you don’t feel that you are on track, let one of our certified associates spend 30 minutes with you, either at our office or in the comfort of your home, and they will show you that life doesn’t have to be this way. It won’t cost you a cent, and you can begin the road back to where you always dreamed you would be. Set up an appointment with one of our certified associates today!